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A shiny lip is not always the easiest tendency to nail or support – especially when you play things like pizza. Fortunately, makeup geniuses at Maybelline can add another achievement to their resume with the creation of the Maybelline Shine Compulsion, which greatly simplifies the application and maintenance of this glossy trend with few taps. To learn the picture, we contacted Maybeine Global Makeup Artist (as well as Gigi Hadid) Erin Parsons to find out her tips and tricks on how to apply shiny lipsticks. That’s what he said.

Apply directly

Parson’s first advice is simple: this lipstick is magical simply because you do not need a lot of effort to apply it. “I prefer to put it just outside the tube, because the shape provides perfect precision along the line of the lips,” he says. This means there is no need for a garbage lip or extra lips: it is pretty beautiful.

This is a special long-term recipe.

“The glossy Shine Compact lipstick has amazing stability,” says Parsons, “especially for glossy lipsticks.” Thanks to the formula oil, it keeps your lips moist and smooth for several hours. “I think it’s best to simply place another layer directly at the top periodically during the day to keep the level of opacity,” he adds.

Wear it only for a cool shade.

Parsons says that when we use our lipstick, Shine Compulsion is increasingly rooted in our makeup to mix and match some of our favorite products because the shades and dyes are designed to wear on their own. “My personal favorite shadow I wear every day is Taupe Seduction. This is a wonderful neutral tone that gives my lips a crisp and natural color, but with a cool shadow that looks more interesting than a typical naked.”

Stay away from shiny lip obstacles.

The last part of Parsons’s advice, though not his favorite, is important: “Whenever someone uses a shiny lip, it’s best to avoid hair cutting on a stormy day as the shell tends to stick and can disturb the accuracy of the application. Parsons also proposes to avoid fatty foods or fragile breads, as they can destroy most hand products.

Of course, her last advice is always to have Shine Compulsion on hand for any need to apply again. “I like the shine of this lipstick because it is not very sticky as a gloss, but it provides the cool reflection that gives lips a sweeter look,” adds Parsons and we do not agree.

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