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It is not surprising that holographic cosmetics – especially the marker – will always remain encyclopedic cosmetics as one of the favorite trends of the millennium. The rainbow shades of the rainbow pink, blue, purple and others decorated the cheekbones and bows of the hunter with many of our favorite pumpkins and feeds on Instagram – but how exactly does the IRL turn away? We talked to our beloved M Crowd babies to learn about the best tips and art of a holo marker and how to wear them without looking too stunning. That’s what they had to say.

Choose Stick Notebook

“I think the best way to get a holographic mark without much effort is to use a cream or a marker,” says Ashley Hall. “I think that using a stick and striking it on my skin gives me a perfect aftertaste and a gentle glow instead of powder, which can be very heavy depending on how you apply it.” Our favorite stick to dominate the look? L’Oreal Paris Galaxy Lumiere Stick your hands down. He still gives you to understand that this world (intended for a pun) ends without the gravity of dust.

Think about the big picture

M Crowd influence Julia Salvia also agrees that a lighter finish is the way to go. It also assumes that you are “putting them together in your eyes or lips” so that they do not look too vague on your face. Urban Disay Disco Queen – holographic powder for light shades – our main passion for this, and it gives the perfect amount of purple shine to your inner corner or center of your lips.


Alternatively, Madison Murrell of M Crowd wants to emphasize her face, and we don’t blame her. “I like to use the holographic mark only on the top of my bony cheeks. Sometimes applying holographic spots down to the nose and the teardrop-shaped arc of the lip can be too strong, keeping it on top of the cheekbones is ideal. “The highlight that we love for these highlights is the NYX Professional Duo Chromatic Brightening Powder on Twilight Tint – these things can really turn any makeup into one stroke.

Combine it with Blush

While Lonyea Maiden admits that her truly favorite highlight lives in a universe of molten gold – L’Oreal Paris Crushed Foil Metallic Highlighter of golden gold is a favorite of all – it has excellent advice for a version filled with a holographic effect. “If it was colorful, I would have wiped the smallest piece of my blush on my cheeks and melted them together so that it would not become too crazy” Seriously, a genius.

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