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We like a manicure – I mean, and who does not? Around this time of the year we will live to see the feat of the festive feat. Holiday colors, all the glitter and design for photographing. The last look, which we cannot do, is ideal for those who love sweets, and even more ideal for nail art lovers. Here are reed candies made from red jellyfish. The look fascinates, to put it mildly, and the Internet agrees – it blows up dependence on a make-up of Reddit.

To look at it, in Paula’s passions, red shiny nail polish was used with a sealed T Twinkled T Glow Up, Whats Up Nails B003 Sealing a pallet with a weather sweater, touching a stamp with a transparent bottle and nails for a perfect finish. If you have not previously experienced inspiration from buying Nail Nails, we promise that you will feel differently when you attend Paulina’s seminar.

Polina explains to those of you who are concerned that your belts are stuck in the nail: “You can stick them to your nails and put an extra layer of top coat on top of the gems. This is not a method of demonstrating fools, but If you use a glossy gel, immerse them in the base. ” And, answering the user who asked to get a stamp in order to get a clear plan, Polina says: “Try to throw very easily with a scraper. that when there is no more shine on the plate, clear stamps work better and get more details. ”

Before you know how to get caramel nails at home.

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