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We experimented with almost all cosmetic products in 2018, and we exaggerate a bit. Caffeine, you ask? There are so many markets available that compete with luxurious, expensive things. Get Maybelline SuperStay Matte Matte Ink, for example. It will cost about $ 10 in CVS and will stay on your lips for as long as (if not more) than your lovely Sephora. In addition to this wine, which we are fixated on, we took a scoop in one of our favorite pharmacies, CVS, for the best-selling products for makeup, skin care and nails since 2018. Keep reading to find out which products can people not get enough (included):

1 Selling Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Volume Mascara, $ 9.99

If you have not tried this bulky mascara, add it to your list of goals for 2019. As soon as you try it, there is a high probability that you will be able to keep coming back to the elongated super powers.

cult-lash mascara-paradise

Top Selling Sprayer

NYX Professional Makeup Spray Adjustment, $ 8.59

The definition of spraying was huge this year, and we are also to blame for spraying our faces about 100 times a day. The medicinal spray that received the most love this year was from NYX Professional Makeup. The guy has two options (dew and mat), and he will do this job as well as this exact choice.

Knicks installation spray

Maybelline Instant Age Care Anti-Aging Duster, Corrector for Black Circles, $ 9.99

This classic concealer is old but good. You can’t beat a creamy, easy-to-use formula that makes dark circles disappear. In addition, its application tool allows you to quickly recognize on the go or polish fine lines.

Bestseller Essie Polish

Essie Nail Polish at Ballet Shoes, $ 9

We are Essie enthusiasts – so much so that we know the exact names of the shadows just by looking at the bottle. One of them is ballet shoes, clean, light pink, perfect for wearing at any time.

shoe shoes-polish
Glitter lotion

L’Oreal Paris True Love Lumi Glotion Natural Shine Amplifier, $ 14.99

During 2018, we saw many unique multi-purpose cosmetics, one of which was this most brilliant lotion from L’Oreal Paris. The lightweight formula is available in four different shades, which can be alone, under makeup or above. You can replace it with your own label or even use it as a bronzer. This one definitely deserves a place in your tropical holiday makeup bag.

cult nest
Top lipstick

Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Liquid Lipstick, $ 10.99

You’ve already heard how it hurts us, but people agree. The formula without a whip consists of twenty (yes, random) shadows, and, undoubtedly, there is one for each case – the surest one when the ball falls on New Year’s Eve.

Maybelline Superstyle Matte Ink
K-Beauty Bestseller

Lighting mask with peach slices, $ 2.49

Of all the K-Beauty options in CVS, this brilliant Peach Slices mask for $ 2 was the top seller. This mask is designed for people who want to lighten dull, loose skin and definitely do not disappoint. People love this nutritional mask for the immediate benefits that give the skin a feeling of freshness and hydration.

peach rinse mask slices

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